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Life in Brochu Walker

August 2018

Featuring Author, Raw Food Chef and Founder of a multipurpose Skincare brand, Meredith Baird.


“Simplify your ritual. Find beauty and freedom in a less is more approach.”

Meredith Baird is a leader in the natural beauty world and raw food movement. Founder of the plant-based skincare brand Nucifera, Meredith is also a certified chef and instructor, author of several books (Everyday Raw Detox, Raw Chocolate, Plant Food, Coconut Kitchen), coconut enthusiast, and mother of two-year-old daughter Livia. An endless inspiration to many, she has made a life and career out of pursuing her true passion - living beautifully both inside and out.

Walking into Meredith’s stunning Venice home felt like the very definition of a Californian summer in early July. Warm, effortless, and airy - enveloped by a cool, coastal breeze. We sat down for a moment to chat about beauty, food, and the details in life that truly matter.

Why did you start Nucifera? What inspired you?

The power and plants and the ingredients found in nature are always an inspiration to me, but it was also really just a love of making things and having a kind of DIY approach to life. I was always experimenting with making my own products and using the ingredients I enjoyed the most.

What inspires me to keep the brand going and to continue doing what I’m doing is that I’m creating a platform for bigger conversations. The beauty industry is anything but beautiful. The waste and overconsumption we all participate in is truly unsustainable, and the ingredients we are using freely on our bodies are harmful. People are starting to wake up, but its still a very niche audience.

Ultimately - happiness has informed the entire journey, because I was following my passion. I didn’t realize it at the time, but most certainly my life has been a testament to following my heart.

What is the meaning behind Nucifera?

Simplify Your Ritual! Find beauty and freedom in a less is more approach.

How has living in Los Angeles and motherhood influenced your line?

Living in Venice makes life easy in that the style here is very casual. No one wears a lot of makeup, and it’s very chill. I find that most of the women here are very confident and low key when it comes to their beauty routine - there definitely isn’t a lot of fuss. It’s very freeing in that way. People generally think that LA is the exact opposite.

I launched the line the same month I found out I was going to be a mother - so the entire brand has been influenced by that experience. Clean and safe products for mother and baby were very important to me, and then recognizing how important it is not to have so much stuff! One thing I was most nervous about with having a child was just all the crap it might take to get out the door. I’ve avoided buying much for that reason, and it feels good. I wanted one product that was good for the whole family, and we’ve succeeded in doing that.

As a busy mother and entrepreneur, what are some mantras/quotes/notions that you live by?

Take it one day at a time. The cliché of truth. If I think too much about anything outside of that day, I can easily get overwhelmed.

What role does confidence play in your brand?

Feeling good about yourself and your skin is really a good place to be. I think we underestimate the freedom that comes with feeling good in a healthy, glowing way - minus the makeup. Ultimately, confidence comes from within (so does skin health!) - but I think as the industry changes its definition of beauty, we have a better chance at helping women see their own beauty no matter what shape, size, skin color etc.

What is your philosophy on wellbeing and healthy eating?

Balance and ritual are important to me, and those are the things that always bring me back to health. Our culture is so all or nothing, which is why people can’t get in a healthy routine. There is an ebb and flow, and diet is by no means everything. Friendships, family, time spent outside - all of it is important.

When it comes to healthy eating, specifically - I stand by organic, local, seasonal, responsible, and low on the food chain. Quality time with family and friends is the most important. I love to be outside - ideally go for a hike, have a delicious lunch with rosé if I’m in the mood, and just relaxing without an agenda.

How has luxury or quality influenced your taste?

As I get older, I definitely appreciate construction and quality more and more. In that sense, I would say that it has made me a little more conservative in my choices because I’m not buying the $10 tank top as much as I used to. When you invest in something, you want to know that you’ll be able to wear it and love it.

Style seems to be important in all facets of your life - from your personal fashion style, interior design, the branding of Nucifera, to your taste in food. How would you say your taste has evolved over time?

I’ve always had an eye for and appreciated style and design. I like art. Fashion falls into that category. In a way, I’ve been very consistent, but I would say now I’m a bit less trend driven and just kind of stick to my basics. Shopping for clothes like I used to do more sporadically isn’t something I do much of anymore.

For everything else in life, I find that I’m attracted to many different styles and can appreciate anything with a strong aesthetic and point of view.

What details about a piece of clothing are important to you? What do you appreciate about Brochu Walker pieces?

Cut and fabric are numbers 1 and 2 - can’t have a good piece of clothing without a good cut, because then what’s the point! I like when clothing isn’t complicated.

I appreciated all of Brochu Walker’s pieces - but I would say most notable are the fabrics. Everything feels really nice and is easy to wear and durable.

What do you wear that makes you feel most comfortable?

Anything loose. Currently in linen pants and a tank top and feel pretty good about that!

Do you like to layer your clothing?

Layers are everything. They can change the look of an outfit, make it more functional, and of course help stay temperature appropriate

At Brochu Walker, we believe the details matter. What are the small things in life that matter to you?

Good coffee. Making my bed with clean sheets. Walking a lot. And burning a clean scent.

I can’t say that there is one thing. Anytime someone does something thoughtful I appreciate it. I really love a good book recommendation or when someone sends me a link or something that they think I’ll like, and I do. Something simple like that is often a large perk in the day.

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