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Laura Albouy

Featuring Social Media Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Creator and Blogger, Laura Albouy.   "Whenever I go back to Paris, what strikes me is the 'allure' of women: a combination of confidence, elegance and "je m’en foutisme" which in French...

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Ashley Kane

Featuring Taste Creator, Writer and Blogger, Ashley Kane   "I need to create and feel inspired regularly–it fulfills me and propels me forward." Ashley Kane is a San Francisco-transplant who fell for the city and its daily dose of inspiration....

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Anouk Yve

Featuring Brand Innovator, Writer and Blogger, Anouk Yve.   "Right there I realized the industry as we knew it would totally change." Anouk Yve is a chameleon in the fashion media industry known as a sought-after brand innovator, influencer marketing...

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Elaina Bellis

Featuring Art Director, Elaina Bellis.   "I wish I could have known I was enough, and that I was way stronger than I knew." Elaina Bellis is an Art Director and mother of three. Her journey into the world of...

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Kristine Lo

Featuring Photographer, Creative Consultant, and Producer, Kristine Lo.   "Travel allows me to cultivate a widened world view regularly." Kristine Lo is a conscious creator who makes those around her feel just like her; cool, calm, and inspired. She is...

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Nitsa Citrine

Featuring Holistic Lifestyle Enthusiast, Artist and Creative Director Nitsa Citrine.   “A few intentional moments in nature can reset my whole system” Nitsa Citrine is a force of nature. She is a Holistic Lifestyle Enthusiast, Artist and Creative Director of...

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Jessie De Lowe

Featuring Manifestation Coach, Art Therapist and Yoga Guru, Jessie De Lowe.   “I do my best to breathe and be mindful, knowing that it's all about the process.” Jessie De Lowe is shaping the industry as a Manifestation Coach, Art...

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Meredith Baird

Featuring Author, Raw Food Chef and Founder of a multipurpose Skincare brand, Meredith Baird.   “Simplify your ritual. Find beauty and freedom in a less is more approach.” Meredith Baird is a leader in the natural beauty world and raw...

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