Anouk Yve

Anouk Yve

Anouk Yve

Anouk Yve is a chameleon in the fashion media industry known as a sought-after brand innovator, influencer marketing guru, writer and blogger.

Anouk wears the Elira Crew in Stoney Melange, the Stone Pant in Timber, and is draped in the 100% cashmere Phinneas Wrap in Otter Melange.

We're thrilled to connect with you again, Anouk. Since our last conversation, could you share some highlights about the changes or evolution in your career? What are you focusing on and most excited about in 2023?

Nice to reconnect. Last time we spoke I was living with my husband and two toddlers in Newport Beach. We have moved back home to the Netherlands. The kids are growing up so fast (5 and 7). I love hanging out with them.
Things are doing well business wise…still uploading my daily style looks on Instagram, which has grown massively. My signature is that I post daily easy accessible looks with a twist. I often get comments from my followers saying I inspired them to create new combinations with basics they have in their closet. That's the biggest compliment…women can reinvent their wardrobe because of me without buying new items on a regular basis. Less is more and quality over quantity.
In November 2022 I launched my own label Taljé, a brand specialized in quality leather women's belts.I also love to work on my ceramics but I find it hard to find the time for that now… and I'm a bit busy sometimes but no complaints ;-)

We love your new belt brand. What inspired creating belts? How did you go about launching Taljé?

That's so nice to hear thank you. When I was 22 I started my career in the bag industry, so I had connections within the leather industry. I was looking for a gap in the market…a niche. I usually get a lot of questions about the belts I wear, which I source from vintage most of the time. I just love the designs from the 80's and 90's. Then my idea for a belt brand came to mind. I started to make sketches, thought of a name and strategy, found a partner and a factory in the luxury market and we just started. The belts are being produced in The Netherlands by a family run factory with so much eye for detail. It's an amazing process.
I don't want Taljé to be the new hype brand, so I am building it slowly but steadily. I believe in organic growth, that people understand my product and discover the quality and work behind it. I want to redefine the art of womens belt making…think timeless models inspired by the 80's and 90's made of great quality. I'm really determined. This really is my passion project and it's self made without the help of any investors. I'm even doing the customer service myself at the moment. I'm learning every day.

Left: Anouk wears the Elira Crew in Stoney Melange and the River Skirt in Char Brown.
Right: Anouk wears the 100% cashmere Lori Off-Shoulder in Black Onyx.

Do you have any mentors? Who are the most influential people (or person) in your life as you were building your career in fashion? How did they help you guide your career?

Surprisingly I don't have any mentors. I'm really visual and I feel the market. I try, I fail, I try again. I have collected valuable people , who are masters in their field, that I connect to my business,. One of my best friends is a designer and she helps me make artwork of my designs. I work with a technical advisor with years of experience in the belt industry on the production level. I always had an idea of what I wanted. My husband can be really helpful as a sparring partner. When I need advice in a difficult situation I call my dad. He is a retired primary school principal and knows well how to deal with conflicts. Not that this happens often but being the captain of two companies I sometimes can really use his ear.

Have you encountered any setbacks in your career journey? Can you share and how you handled them? What advice do you have for someone new to the industry who looks up to you and your achievements?

Listen, in all honesty, if you have your own business it's like being a surfer. For weeks you can surf on a big wave, often the sea is calm but just as often rough. It's about keeping your head above the water and enjoying the ride…big waves, small waves. Sometimes you fall from the board but you are so addicted to the water you keep on surfing. If you have this mindset, knowing there will always be a new big wave, but realizing there's a real chance you will fall too. That's business. Be realistic and never give up. Aim for that big wave.

Right: Anouk wears the Elira Crew in Stoney Melange, the Stone Pant in Timber, the Marfa Boot in Saddle Brown, and is draped in the 100% cashmere Phinneas Wrap in Otter Melange.

What are your current sources of inspiration?

I always get inspired by 90s movies. The style back then was so good. I miss the 90s. I can get sentimental. Born in 84' I really was a 90s kid.My kids inspire me on a daily basis when it comes to their lighthearted way of looking at life…so easy and so joyful.

Has your style changed or evolved since we last spoke? If so, could you share how? What pieces are you looking forward to wearing in the new year?

That's so funny, because I stumbled upon some photos from back in 2018 , the last time we connected, and I could still wear those outfits today. To be honest I still have the grey sweater with the side knot that I wear. My style is timeless. Easy, casual. For the new year I cannot wait to style some of your knitwear in transeasonal outfits.
Thank you for the interview.




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