Brochu Walker & Sustainability

At Brochu Walker, we wholeheartedly believe in the concept of ‘Conscious Luxury’ which not only means that we design each piece with a deliberate attention to detail, but also that we believe ‘luxury’ requires that same deliberate attention to supporting sustainable practices.

While fashion can be seen as the essence of unnecessary consumption, Sustainability is a balancing act and one we are truly trying to figure out every day. We always strive to reduce our impact on the environment and would like to share some of the steps we have taken thus far.

A cornerstone of our business is cashmere, one of the globes most luxurious fibers and when sourced ethically, a fiber that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. More than any other fiber, cashmere is biodegradable, durable and renewable. We take pride in the choices that we make and vet every mill based in its standards, including their dedication to animal welfare. There is also a wonderful family-centric element to the cashmere industry which provides thousands of jobs for communities that would have no other sustainable source of income. It is with this care, our undeniable commitment to quality and love of this remarkable fiber that we prioritize it in all of our collections.

Our exquisite packaging is made from materials that can be recycled. When you receive a shipment from us, we not only care about the experience, but also that we have reduced our environmental impact. We recommend you save our special boxes and reuse them as well.

Most recently, we announced our partnership with BEF to balance the water footprint we cannot avoid in our manufacturing process.

BEF’s Water Restoration Program provides support for a diverse portfolio of national projects that restore water in communities throughout the United States. Restored water is tracked through the creation of Water Restoration Certificates® that directly contribute to restoring the economic, recreational, and ecological vitality of national freshwater resources.

Through these certificates, Brochu Walker is restoring water via the French Creek Flow Enhancement Project, equivalent to approximately 500 gallons per order purchased from our website. Situated in Etna, CA, French Creek, a tributary to the Scott River, supports anadromous fish runs for three species (Chinook, coho, and steelhead trout). Land use practices in the area include commercial timber harvest, recreation, farming and ranching operations. These practices are relatively stable but require considerable groundwater and surface water use, which often contributes to water quality issues for Salmonids during the late summer months.

To learn more about BEF, please visit To learn more about the French Creek Flow Enhancement Project, click here

We fully commit to continuing to explore new ways to decrease our environmental footprint and promise to share the new strides we make. Thank you for supporting Brochu Walker in these endeavors.