Brochu Walker & Sustainability

While fashion can be seen as the essence of unnecessary consumption, Sustainability is a balancing act and one we are truly trying to figure out every day. With that said we are excited to announce our partnership with BEF to balance the water footprint we cannot avoid.

BEF’s Water Restoration Program provides support for a growing and diverse portfolio of national projects that restore water to achieve important social and environmental benefits. Restored water is tracked through the creation of Water Restoration Certificates that directly contributes to restoring the economic, recreational, and ecological vitality of national freshwater resources.

Through the purchase of Water Restoration Certificates® we are restoring water to critically dewatered rivers and streams equivalent to approximately 500 gallons per order purchased from our website.

Collectively, BEF and its partners have restored over 24 billion gallons of water to critically dewatered rivers and streams across 13 states through the purchase of Water Restoration Certificates®, custom water restoration projects and their Change the Course campaigns. That’s the same volume of water that would fill 36,350 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Brochu Walker is very proud to support the Kern Refuge Water Restoration initiative.

Situated on the southern margin of what was once the largest freshwater wetland complex in the western United States, the Kern Refuge provides optimum wintering habitat for migratory birds with an emphasis on waterfowl and water birds. In 1960, Kern National Wildlife Refuge was established, consisting of 11,249-acres of natural desert uplands, a relict riparian corridor, and developed marsh and wetland sites, suitable for a variety of wildlife.

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