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Kinder to the Environment

In 2020, we proudly launched a new initiative supporting sustainability, Kinder To The Environment.

At Brochu Walker, we wholeheartedly believe in the concept of ‘Conscious Luxury’, we design with the intention that our pieces are timeless and have longevity in your wardrobe, which not only means that we design each piece with a deliberate attention to detail, but also that we believe ‘luxury’ requires that same deliberate attention to supporting sustainable practices.

While fashion can be seen as the essence of unnecessary consumption, Sustainability is a balancing act and one we are truly trying to figure out every day. Our love of natural fibers, has always been at the heart of our business…Kinder To The Environment is simply an extension of this passion as we continue to strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

We would like to share some of the steps we have taken thus far.

Our Love of Cashmere

A cornerstone of our business is cashmere, one of the globes most luxurious fibers and when sourced ethically, a fiber that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. More than any other fiber, cashmere is biodegradable and renewable.

This said, there are still challenges in the cashmere industry which impact the environment, which is why we have partnered solely with one of the most sustainable mills in the industry. Here are just a few of the sustainability initiatives they support.

  1. They are a member of the ICCAW (International Cooperation Committee Of Animal Welfare), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare and implementing animal-friendly farming systems which improve the quality of life and protect said animals.
  2. They are an RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) mill which prioritizes its commitment to animal welfare and maintains the highest social standards.
  3. They recycle, purify and reuse 70% of the water used by their dye house.
  4. Their cashmere is 100% traceable and is strictly monitored and tested during every step of the development process. This ensures that you are receiving the most ethically-produced and highest quality cashmere.

Our continued commitment to cashmere innovation also allows us to test new processes which is why we have started to introduce dye-free cashmere. The colors achieved depend on the natural color of the goat, allowing for a rich highs and lows that are unique to each color lot. The result is always special.


In late 2019, we stopped using plastic in all packaging. We now use compostable bags. Compostable materials are made from organic matter that break down, the end product having many important uses including improving soil health.

Our Brochu Walker boxes are made from materials that can be recycled. When you receive a shipment from us, we not only care about the experience, but also that we have reduced our environmental impact. We recommend you save our special boxes and reuse them as well.

Giving Back

Samples are a necessary part of the fashion industry and while, many companies simply dispose of their samples, we attempt to move them through the secondhand marketplace via sample sales and donations to charities that help clothe those in need.

In mid-2019, we announced our partnership with BEF to balance the water footprint we cannot avoid in our manufacturing process.

BEF’s Water Restoration Program provides support for a diverse portfolio of national projects that restore water in communities throughout the United States. Restored water is tracked through the creation of Water Restoration Certificates® that directly contribute to restoring the economic, recreational, and ecological vitality of national freshwater resources.

Currently, our donations support the Colorado River Indian Tribes System Conservation Project and we are proud to announce that to date, our donations to this program restored over 16 million gallons of water.

In Conclusion

While this is only a small step in the right direction, we are committed to building on these initiatives in our Brochu Walker collections.

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