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Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk

Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk

The dynamic mother/daughter team behind The Style That Binds Us, an original next-generation women’s media company and community, exploring the cross section of style and culture. Alison is also a national style and image consultant, while Delia hails from a background at Barneys. Together they are a fashion force to be reckoned with.


“My mom is my #1 champion. It is so nice to work with someone who you know has your back. She brings A LOT of great ideas to the table and we have similar tastes and interests. Ultimately, we balance each other out!” ~ Delia

“It is wonderful working with my daughter. We can disagree and be honest with each other at a level that isn’t attainable many times in a co- owned business. She is definitely keeping me young and pushing me to new heights. Her question to me when I have doubts is always...why not...why can’t you do it, of course you can!” ~ Alison

Alison, We know you feel that 'age is the new inclusivity'. Tell us about this from your personal perspective and from a fashion perspective.

The fashion world, and the world in general, has been trying to become more inclusive and to respect the fact that we are all more alike than we are different. Age is a natural part of this. From a personal perspective, I feel more confident with my fashion choices and style aesthetic as I get older.

Since I am a stylist with a diverse group of clients, I find it really difficult to find a label that is of beautiful quality, chic design, that fits a wide variety of women’s bodies. This is why I love Brochu Walker. I can confidently dress any woman in pieces from this label and I know she will look fabulous and feel empowered-ready to take on the world!

Alison, you started a new career in your 50s. Tell us about what you did before and what drove you to make this change.

As a new empty nester, I realized that although my primary job of raising children might be over, my desire to help others was still dominant. I became a personal stylist to help women feel good about themselves. It’s not as much about dressing women as it is about giving them encouragement and strength. As women, we spend our lives supporting others, often at the great expense of losing our sense of self. We are taught that self-care is self-centered and I want to change this perception. Oprah was one of the first women to give us permission to shift our focus and I’ve tried to practice that personally and empower other women to do so as well.


Alison, tell us about your personal style?

These days, I am more inclined towards a tailored, minimal look. You will find me more often than not, in a blazer and jeans with pumps or sneakers. I very much love giving a nod to 1970s though, but in a more clean, modern way. A Brochu Walker Looker Sweater, slightly flared jeans, a platform heel, a pair of gold hoop earrings and maybe a hat is the perfect look for me!

Alison, what do you love about fashion?

Fashion is the ultimate way to express yourself. You have the power to tell people who you are and to set the mood of a conversation without speaking a word. I also love the beauty, glamour, history, and creativity of clothing design and the art of ornamentation. You can learn so much about the culture of an era by simply studying the fashion. It is ultimately the story behind a brand is what excites me and being able to share that story with others has been a great honor to me.


Delia, how did you break into the fashion industry at such a young age?

A LOT of hard work and determination. I decided I wanted to work in the fashion industry Sophomore year of college. Ever since that moment, I was a relentless networker trying to gather as much information I could about what jobs were available, what the jobs entailed, and also connecting with as many people as possible. Since I did so much work on the front end, when it came time to get an internship or job, it was a much quicker and seamless process.

Delia, what is the difference between working in corporate fashion and having your own business?

There are a lot of differences!! I am so glad that I worked in a corporate environment for 4+ years so that I got a great sense of what that looks like, reporting structure, email etiquette, etc. Having your own business is very sexy these days. There are pros and cons! Some pros are can be your own boss and go in whatever direction you want to go in, really make a difference in the world, work on something you care about and that is 100% yours. You can work from anywhere in the world, which means that you are probably always working! The cons would be not having the confirmed salary & benefits, which isn’t for everyone.


Delia, tell us about your personal style?

My style varies depending on the day, event, weather, season, my mood, etc.! I can be rocker-chic one day, sexier for an event or businesswoman for a meeting. I also love boho-chic styles and romantic pieces. I like to change it up!

Delia, what do you love about fashion?

I love that fashion is a non-verbal communication to the world expressing who you are. By getting dressed everyday, you are showcasing what brands you believe in, how you want to present yourself, etc. A fantastic outfit that you are obsessed with makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Outside of fashion, what are your passions, hobbies?

Alison: Dance, art, travel, books.

Delia: Working out, eating healthy, art, music, food, dance, travel.

What is the one thing you love most about your daughter/mother?

Alison: How could I choose one thing? She is my complete joy. She is my child, my miracle, my friend, and now my business share all of this together is beyond amazing. I learn from her as much or probably more than she learns from me.

Delia: Hard to pick only one thing, but I will go with the fact that she always knows best!! She is very patient, has the best style and on and on!!!


What are some of the challenges working with your daughter/mother and how do you overcome them?

Alison: Technology...I am completely inept, which is unfortunate because so much of our business is done online. She is very patient, but I know it is extremely difficult for her! The other challenge is working remotely-we are based in two different cities most of the time.

Delia: Ditto

Parting thoughts?

Alison: I have some advice for women in their 50s...You are still young! You are important and remarkable and beautiful. No more saying, “Back in the day”...this is the day! As the poet Mary Oliver asked, “Tell me, what are going to do with your one wild and precious life?” Find it and do it, you’ve got this.

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