A Love Letter to Hawaii

A Love Letter to Hawaii

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A Love Letter to Hawaii

Sunset on Water with Bit of Coastline in Foreground


“I discovered the island of Hawaii 8 years ago and while I thought my first time felt so special, this time was even more magical as I was able to experience the beauty with my three boys.” ~ Karine

Here are some of Karine’s favorite destinations on the Big Island.

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai 

To say the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is anything but majestic would be an understatement…865 acres, surrounded by white-sand beaches and black-lava landscapes that makes this an idyllic retreat. The attention to detail is felt everywhere. 

“Even the food was beautifully presented…little things like the fruit plate in the morning simply made me happy.” ~ Karine

Image of Four Seasons Hotel - Dining Table with Food Outdoors and Ocean View

The Saddle Road

The Saddle Road is one of the most spectacular things you will ever experience. It connects the east and west sides of the island passing between the island's two largest volcanic mountains, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. ‘A road less traveled’ as it lacks cell service and wild goats call it home, but if you can experience it as the sun sets, it is breathtaking.

 “Imagine, unexpected scenes of wild goats perched on lava rocks, blending in like statues, layers of sandy grays, mountains, clouds and sky as we drove in silence, taking in the infinite views…360 degrees of pure nature.” ~ Karine

Journey to a Mountain

Onomea Trail

One of Hawaii’s lesser-known hikes, The Onomea Trail is a must. A hidden cove, the Onomea Bay, is accented by lush vegetation making this a special experience. The trail is nicknamed ‘The Donkey Trail’ because it used to be a cargo path from a long-defunct harbor in the bay and the only way to access it is from the scenic Drive portion of the Old Mamalahoa Highway.

Two Images of Nature side by side

Pololū Valley

The morning light in the Pololū Valley is breathtaking. Surrounded by the Kohala Forest Reserve, deep green mountains that reflect on a lake that naturally transitions to a black sand (so chic), ocean beach, this hike is nothing short of surreal. A must at sunrise.

“The color palette from the ocean cove to the mountains in a blink of an eye is so unexpected. It’s spectacular and leaves you in awe. How beautiful our planet is! How much the Hawaiian’s love their home and respect their land, is a lesson to learn.” ~ Karine

A photo of a cliffside and an image of a sandy beach side by side


Hilo is a town best-known for The Rainbow Falls and its colorful mist that creates a dramatic visual experience. The Rainbow Falls cascade 80 ft over a lava cave that, according to legend, is home to the ancient Hawaiian goddess Hina, the goddess of the moon. If you can get there early in the day, there is a high chance that you will see rainbows dancing off the water. Magical!


Waterfall Image Next to Image of City Building

Kona Coffee 

A must-go for coffee lovers, a tour of the Kona Coffee Farm, is the ultimate sensory experience. With incredible views of the ocean, you will be treated to coffee tastings and an education into how this famous coffee is grown, hand-harvested and milled. If you can’t get to the farm, you can find Kona Coffee all over the island for when you need a delicious pick-me-up.

“To wake up in such a place every day, an untouched part of the world and to witness nature in all its glory, really moved and inspired me. It was pure bliss. I love you, Hawaii!” ~ Karine Two cups of espresso on a balcony ledge with a view of the sea