The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

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The Gift of Giving

We love the holidays! Those special moments spent with family and friends that turn into cherished memories are always considered in our designs. We infuse love and coziness into every piece.


While we curated the ultimate Brochu Walker Gift Guide for you, we also wanted to share something a little bit more personal…so we asked some members of our team to pick the pieces they will be gifting this year. We hope you get inspired by our selections.
brochu walker gifts
The Cable Dog sweater in Natural.


“I am going to send our Morning Light Fragrance to my family members in France. I created a scent that I feel brings Brochu Walker’s essence to life and I want to share it with loved ones who I won’t be able to see this year. They all know how much I cherish the early morning light, so to me this is a uniquely personal gift.”

morning light fragrance product


“This year, I've found the perfect gift for my sister, an avid book lover who cherishes cozy moments. I'll be gifting her our Morning Light Candle and the BW Blanket. Not only is the blanket beautiful, but its heavier weight adds a layer of comfort that creates a more indulgent experience.”

the morning light candle and the bw blanket


“I love fashion that has a little bit of edge, so I am gifting all my best friends our Cashmere Neck Square. It’s like wearing a chic bandana. Super luxe and soft, it is the ultimate cold weather finishing touch.”

the cashmere neck square


“I'm in the mood to treat myself this holiday season and I've had my eye on the Everyday Cashmere Bright Crew paired with the matching Cashmere Fringe Wrap for quite some time. They are the epitome of luxury…incredibly soft and so versatile.”

the everyday cashmere crew and the cashmere fringe wrap


“I will be gifting my mum the Thela Wrap in Lucia Blue Mélange, a cozy, yet chic gift. She, like me is always cold, so a super soft wrap that can be worn as a shall or a scarf will be perfect for her! Plus, the blue is stunning!”

the thela wrap


“I am going to gift my dogs, Kobe and Simba, the Cashmere Dog Hoodie and the Cable Dog Sweater. They’re already the coolest dogs around, and now they will also be comfortable and stylish!”

the cashmere dog sweater and the cable dog sweater


“I am going to gift our Estara Wrap to my mom. She loves collecting outerwear! The oversized silhouette makes it versatile and cozy, the ultimate ‘wrap yourself up in luxury’ piece.”

the estara wrap
The Estara Wrap