Cozy At Home With Amy Appleton Dreyer

Cozy At Home With Amy Appleton Dreyer

The gorgeous Amy Appleton Dreyer is a 39 year old mother of 5, model, stylist and art director from Kansas City. Her blog, Steps Of Style is a personal creative outlet combining her love of fashion and travel and she also is a freelance writer and avid advocate for women's/human rights and the environment.

In these times of 'Stay At Home', we asked her to share some of the things that bring her joy.

"I want everyone to know that each person is going through a difficult time during this pandemic and it’s important we have empathy, rather than judgment for others. Our thoughts are very powerful and I hope everyone tries to see some positive in what’s happening and that if nothing else we will come out stronger in the end."

What is your go-to family meal? 

My family is Italian (husband's family is Jewish) and I love making homemade Meatballs with Ricotta Cheese and Celery Salad on the side...a delicious chopped celery with lemon, olive oil, anchovy paste and pecorino romano. It’s like a celery ceviche.

Favorite at-home workout?

I try to take daily walks and throw in Bar Method for full body toning. I prefer low impact exercise so there is zero chance of hurting myself.

How do you take care of your skin?

I recently went all natural with products from Welwythn, but Glossier has always been my guilty pleasure.



How do you keep your children entertained?

I love to include my kids (I have 5 total... 2 littles + 3 stepchildren) in everything we do from exercising, cooking/dinner or simply having conversations. I’m a huge believer in the more you put in as a parent the more you get out... it’s definitely a role in life that’s extremely important to me and can be a lot of fun if you make it that way.

What are you most proud of?

Being a stepmother of 3 (for 14 years now) and a mother of 2, I am most proud of always exposing my children to other cultures via travel and education. I teach them how important it is to accept others for who they are and to embrace people's differences.

Additionally, I want them to learn to appreciate everything they have and to work hard for the things they want.



How do you spend me-time?

Right now I am planning future travels. It is a great distraction and allows me to dream. When life goes back to normal...I love getting a pedicure.

Is there a quote that moves or defines you?

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet." ~ Helen Keller


Can you recommend some things to do at home right now?

Read: A Thousand Splendid Suns

Watch: Gladiator, Goodfellas, Vanilla Sky

Listen To: Lana Del Rey and Bob Dylan

Drink: Veggie Juice or Kombucha

To wrap things up, what is your favorite childhood memory?

One of my favorite childhood memories is my dad picking me up from school early to teach me how to drive. There is something so priceless about your father teaching you something.

I also used to love laying in the sun with my mom, during the summer, listening to music and eating popsicles.

Simple times are sometimes the best.

For continued inspiration, follow Amy at @stepsofstyle