Presenting Brochu Walker Fine Jewelry

Presenting Brochu Walker Fine Jewelry

Everything we design is personal and is created around our view of luxury…pieces to cherish forever and to be passed down from generation to generation.

Our Fine Jewelry, The Icons Collection. is our newest labor of love. Each creation is special…textural, sculptural, sensual, infused with romance and femininity.
Luxury is in the fine details. While simplicity is the cornerstone of our design ethos, it is our deliberate attention to detail that has always set us apart.

When we decided to create this timeless collection, there was never a question about the quality of gold that we would use…nothing compares to 18 karat gold. It is the perfect balance of durability and purity, allowing for designs that can be worn everyday, everywhere, forever.

Precious jewelry has an intimate quality. It allows you to express your individuality…an investment piece that expresses your love of self or a gift that expresses your love of another.

We created our Fine Jewelry to be part of your daily wardrobe, with the same sensibility of our effortless Ready-To-Wear collection. Each piece was designed with versatility in mind…all you have to do is put them on and never take them off.

Pre-styling or pre-layering is THE Brochu Walker signature and our ring collection is the epitome of this concept. Designed to be stacked, these intricate pieces are the ultimate way to express your sense of style.

Our Icons Duet Ring emulates the look of two rings in one and is reminiscent of our bestselling Lookers. Our Icons Traverse Ring is wrapped to create a feminine shape that is as sensual as our cashmere Phinneas Wrap sweaters. Part of our new Everyday Collection, our essentials, our Everyday Dome Ring is so graceful that you will never want to take it off. Its perfect, curved shape is the essense of womanhood.

Our small hoop earrings, the Icons Mini Hoop Earrings and the Icons Oval Hoop Earrings are made in Italy and capture the purest essence of Brochu Walker. In custom shapes these unique, yellow and white gold hoop earrings are the ultimate in simplicity, the perfect finishing touch, the sophisticated accoutrements you will live in.

Everything about our 18k gold Rolo Link Bracelet is special, textural, romantic and subtly bold. Also, made it Italy, this custom chain link bracelet drapes gently across your wrist, catching the light, adding an infusion of feminity into every moment.

Several styles are available in both yellow gold and white gold, as we know sometimes you just prefer a silvery hue, plus soft grey tones are just so Brochu.

We know you will treasure each piece as much as we do.




Icons Everyday Dome Ring
Icons Rolo Bracelet
Icons Oval Hoop Earrings