BW Woman, Angela Fink

BW Woman, Angela Fink

More than a multi-hyphenate, Angela Fink applies her creative direction and modern aesthetic to every aspect of her professional life—her editorial content, creative agency, furniture design, photography, environmental advocacy, styling, and most recently, story development.

Angela wears our Marco Stripe Sweater, and Danni Skirt in Black Onyx.

Tell us about your career journey into fashion, creative directing, photography, and furniture design.

I’ve always been a creator, even before my brand, Search For Space launched. As a celebrity stylist and creative director, I worked with clients on ‘finding that feeling’, the elusive but essential mood that completes a look. I started that search early on in my own life. When I couldn't find the words to express myself, my style said it all.

I dress my home with the same intention I give my body, and what fills my space is just an extension of that personal style. When my family decided to move during the pandemic, I couldn’t find the furnishings I’d imagined. So, I partnered with my good friend and interior designer, Lauren, and got busy dreaming up our bespoke furniture capsule.

My career continues to evolve, and “creator” has become a colossal title that carries so much weight. I think we are all the creators of our life, wardrobe, and stories. Why limit ourselves?

Who was the most influential person/people in your life as you were building your Career?

My husband Kelly. We’ve been working together for the last 12 years on all things professional and personal. He keeps my ambitious creative brain grounded and offers a kind reminder of what’s important when I’m faced with challenges.

Which aspect of your career challenges you the most and why? Which gives you the most joy and why?

I love this question. I think I thrive on challenges as long as I manage not to let them swallow me up. One of the biggest challenges I face is self-made: this constant need to push further toward something deep and meaningful. Creative work lets out everything I’m feeling so that I can process and move on. I have to fight those false ideas of perfection that order me to linger too long and remind myself that I’m allowed to just create and let go. It's an internal conversation that feels like a rollercoaster, but I appreciate the process.

As for joy, I get that dopamine rush from the conception of creation—getting up close and personal with projects and watching them actualize.

Angela wears The Uma Sleeveless Top in Vanilla, layered over The Everyday Shirt in Salt White.

What are your everyday sources of inspiration?

Always, nature—all the textures, materials, and beautiful moments discovered when we step outside. Listening to thought leaders keeps me thinking critically and is an easy way to make downtime purposeful.

As you know being ‘Kinder To The Environment’ is important to Brochu Walker. Tell us a little bit about what environmental advocacy means to you.

As an ambassador for No More Plastic, I believe little actions can make a big difference. Being mindful of what I purchase and where I make those purchases is an extra step I take before I invest. I’m buying for the long haul, building a closet that reuses and refreshes itself and our planet. Taking the time to find out where materials are sourced can feel heavy at first, but I promise it’s worth that lightweight wardrobe that lasts.

How would you describe your sense of style? And how has your style evolved over the years?

I always say my style is ever-changing but stays the same. That’s my duality. I choose articles of clothing that have the potential to be worn in so many ways. Then I wear those pieces season after season, breathing new life into them with every restyling. This goes back to being mindful of what we purchase. If you do the hard work now and seek out long-lasting, eco-friendly pieces that feel flexible, you will reap the rewards of easy-breezy outfits for years to come.

What about Brochu Walker resonates with you the most? What are your favorite Brochu Walker pieces and why?

BW pieces stand the test of time. They are staples in my wardrobe that feel luxurious, comfy, and effortlessly adaptable. The Everyday Cashmere Bright Crew is my go-to. Wherever I travel I bring mine along—it’s the perfect piece to dress up or down, whether I’m working or playing.

Left: Angela wears our 100% cashmere, Everyday Cashmere Bright Crew in Carob Mélange. With The Fiera Pant in Timber.
Right: Angela wears our Marco Stripe Sweater, and Danni Skirt in Black Onyx.

What is the most impactful book you’ve read recently?

I can’t just say just one! Art for Money by Michael Ardelean spoke to my business side and acted as a powerful reminder of what artists merit. The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin spoke to my creator side and fueled my curiosity. The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest spoke to my soul and urged me to stay mindful.

What was it like writing the forward for Art For Money? What are your aspirations with regards to expanding this part of your career?

Giving honest feedback on a book that reframed my perspective of creation (and getting paid for it) was so rewarding! Art For Money shows the dilemma many creators face trying to price our services. How do you price creativity? Sure, you can break it down with hours, travel time, props—but that’s only part of the puzzle. A creator is a business: it’s the equipment we use, the time and energy we commit, and the experience we bring. We’re not just the final product we deliver—we’re the whole process.

Learning this and applying this mindset to my work has been so empowering. It’s been especially exciting to collaborate with Michael, the author of Art For Money’s livestreams, where we share advice with next-gen creatives. Teaching these habits feels like a birthright. After years in the industry, I’m ready to give back on a deeper level. More to come very soon!

What advice do you have for someone new to the industry who looks up to you and your achievements?

Start off by asking yourself real questions. Write down the why—why do you want this career path? What brings you joy? What are your passions outside of your career? What fuels you? Answer these questions and more: every detail of your wants, needs and finances, small or big, silly or serious. And hold onto that list! When in doubt, go back and read it. Go back to the raw power that guides you. Create your compass.