Courtney Halverson Of Pretty Little Fawn

Courtney Halverson Of Pretty Little Fawn

Courtney Halverson is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Actor, influencer and fashion designer, she had dedicated her life to the creative process. Originally hailing from California, she now calls the Hudson Valley in New York her home.

Courtney wears the Rainer Looker in Ivory

You've been an actor for almost 20 years. Do you have a favorite role? Have you played any characters that you truly identify with?

I think my favorite role so far was in the film St. Agatha, where I played Catherine. I shot the film a few years ago in Georgia and got to work with such an incredible cast and crew - it was set in the 1950s in a convent, and every day that we came to set it felt like a completely immersive experience. My character was pregnant for most of the film and had taken a vow of silence, so it was really a fun challenge to play most scenes with almost no dialogue.

A character I really identified with is a role I just shot last year. The film hasn’t been released yet, but it’s by far my most grown-up (I guess you could say) role. I’ve been acting in film since I was a child and I feel now in my early 30s that I’m really starting to dive into projects that challenge me. The film explores grief and personal loss and was equally physically and emotionally challenging for me. I’m excited to share the project when it is released.

What made you decide to become a creator? How is this role different from or like acting?

I think like most creators, I sort of stumbled into this field by accident. In between filming projects, I started documenting my outfits and it sort of evolved from there. It’s been wildly different from my career as an actor because not only am I representing myself instead of a character - I have creative control from the beginning. I create the story rather than step into a role and it’s been fun to see both paths evolve separately.

Courtney wears the Andre Luxe Cashmere Set in Light Chia Melange and The Ribbed Cashmere Socks 

Which aspect of your career challenges you the most and why? Which gives you the most joy and why?

What challenges me most are the things you don’t see on social media, the admin and paperwork side of what I do. I’m not the most organized when it comes to that, so it can be hard for me to really focus and handle things like contracts and accounting. I’m thankful to have a management team that helps me in this department because I’d be lost otherwise.

What brings me the most joy is executing a creative concept that’s been living in my brain. To see through the camera lens what was once just an idea is thrilling to me. I always want to challenge myself to try something new.

You have such a strong personal brand — how did you develop it?

First of all, thank you! For me, it was a natural progression. I’ve always liked things that feel a bit timeless, that conjure a sense of comfort and nostalgia, and I think that’s what my social media channels and my images and videos feel like. Classic and a bit hard to pinpoint the exact time, neutral-toned, and comforting.

From where do you draw inspiration? What’s currently inspiring you?

I get a lot of my inspiration from cinema. I love to watch classic films and period dramas and to draw inspiration from those scenes. I like things to be just a bit dramatic and I find that watching movies and television never fails to inspire me. I’m actually rewatching The Crown at the moment and I adore some of the shots from the first season - hoping to bring a bit of that drama to my content soon.

Courtney wears the Elira Crew in Stoney Melange

How do you approach personal style? How has it evolved over time?

I tend to be very picky with regards to what I love and I find that I can easily glance at a shop and know what pieces are “for” me. I’m not one to latch onto new styles easily, so I tend to reach for the pieces that I know I can wear again and again season after season. As much as I love color on other people, I tend to stick to a neutral palette for myself, because it’s what I find most comforting and easy to work with.

The evolution over the last year has been interesting for me, because I moved from Los Angeles to the Hudson Valley. Learning to not only dress for the seasons, but in a way that is both practical for my life in the countryside as well as when I’m in the city has been a really fun challenge. I’m still learning, but it’s been nice to have this change.

What about Brochu Walker resonates with you the most? What are your favorite Brochu Walker pieces and why?

I think what I love most about the brand is that it has a very clear identity. I’ve always been one to reach for knits first and to build an outfit around them. BW makes that easy. There’s a really lovely weight and quality to some of the pieces and then there are these beautiful delicate knits that look so stunning on their own.

I particularly love the cropped cardigans. I’ve tried them with so many different pieces in my own wardrobe and I love how effortless they look. The Lookers are also my favorite because I think layering pieces can get bulky and this sort of solves that riddle for me.

Cropped Cardigan in Ecru and The Madsen Maxi Dress in Salt White.

You recently just launched Maison Miette— can you tell us a little bit about your brand and your shift into product development?

Maison Miette has been a real labor of love. It’s something that’s been in my head for years and took a while to put out into the world. If I’m being honest, it took longer because I was scared to take the plunge. I think so often we see actors and influencers launching into the product space without a clear identity - but I wanted something that could stand on its own. I think MM does that.

It’s a line of silk scarves, each with a different print, inspired by some of my favorite foods. It sounds a little silly to think about, but I wanted each of the patterns to feel entirely classic. I want the shopper to first be drawn to the pattern and then to look a little closer and find a bit of whimsy when they realize that what they thought was a checkerboard is actually raviolis. Our next launch is coming in December and I am so thrilled to share it. It’s also been very fun to style my brand with BW, I feel that they look so beautiful together.




The Madsen Maxi Dress
The Cropped Cardigan