Candace Read

Candace Read

Candace Read, based in Columbus, Ohio is a 31 year old Wardrobe Stylist and Lifestyle Influencer. She is passionate about helping women discover their own personal style. From style clients to her online community, she loves sharing what she knows and how that in turn fuels others with the confidence they need to take on the world and pursue their passions in style. When she is not styling or sharing via Instagram, she can be found at home with her husband and their sweet pup, or out and about exploring their city which they love dearly.


"I believe personal style means exactly what it implies, that style IS personal. I love how style provides us with the opportunity to communicate a little piece of who we are, without ever saying a’s truly powerful."

If you could give women 3 pieces of advice about how to develop personal style, what would they be?

  1. To embrace your shape and silhouette first, focus on style second.
  2. To own your style DNA! May it be classic, artful, whimsical, whatever it is, OWN IT.
  3. Self-reflect and be honest about your personal needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Collectively, those things will guide you to acquire the right pieces for YOU.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to describe my personal style as classically edgy. I am a sucker for classic shapes and silhouettes but love a little touch of edginess such as a fabrication, texture, or color to create some dimension within my look.

What are you wearing on repeat these days?

At the moment, my go-to outfit is a cozy knit of some sort, denim, my midstar Golden Goose sneakers and my signature accessories. I love that I can dress this look up or down depending on my day! Sometimes I like to add a denim jacket and other days, I’ll layer with a bold topcoat.

How do you balance career and family and how does this impact your personal style?

I am still a work in progress when it comes to work/life balance, however, I have come a long way in just the last 2 years! I am a self-professed workaholic and perfectionist; it can be hard to find the off switch. Just ask my husband!

One of the things I really value is preparation, I live by my calendar and notes to stay proactive. I like taking the time to prepare and avoid making decisions in real time so I can show up for my family, clients, and social community. In regard to my style, I really like to take the time to pick out my clothes the evening prior, so I feel my best each and every day. At Wardrobe Therapy (a styling firm I work for) we have a saying, “When you look good, you feel good.” I always put my best foot forward to make sure I am styled and feeling good, so I can conquer the day ahead. This practice makes each day a touch sweeter!

“After investing countless hours in being real with myself, I can say what makes me feel most empowered is the confidence in who I am. I fully embrace the things that make me unique and allow them to empower me in each area of my life!”

Which styles should every woman have in their wardrobe?

This list could truly be endless! Here are a few must haves:

  • Cozy pullover knit. Considering that I love knits, I do believe that every woman should have a good cozy knit that she loves. One that she can pair back to denim, a casual trouser, an athletic pant or even a denim short.
  • Fashion Sneaker. Prior to covid, I would have suggested that every woman needs a strong nude pump, however, times have changed so much. A solid fashion sneaker that you can dress up or down is essential these days.
  • Trench Coat, a classic piece that will be loved for years to come. I have one from 8 years ago that I still love wearing.
  • Structured white woven (cotton or silk!), a classic piece that will be worn for years to come.
  • Straight Leg Denim. Full-length or cropped! Whatever feels good to you.

What draws you to Brochu Walker and how does it fit into your view of personal style or even the idea of living a well-fashioned life?

I’ve been a longtime fan of Brochu Walker. I discovered the brand at a local boutique in a town called, Leal, as I began my work as a wardrobe stylist. From the start, I’ve always been captivated with the beautiful simplicity of the brand. It is timeless yet beholds trend in a way that is fresh and relevant to many. Brochu Walker embodies the very essence of my personal style preference, classically edgy. I love the classic silhouettes with a touch of uniqueness, pop of color, or an interesting collar detail and juxtaposed texture. It would be remiss of me if I did not mention the quality of the pieces. Simply put, Brochu Walker is everything I value when it comes to building a wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

Are there any non-fashion brands you are loving right now?

Outside of fashion, I really love all things skincare and home décor! For skincare, I am completely and utterly obsessed with Vanity Planet, Noy Skincare and OSEÁ. For home, I am finding lots of inspiration from CB2, McGee&Co., and One Kings Lane

Are there any style resources you can recommend to the Brochu Walker community? What do you read, who do you follow?

I enjoy learning about all elements of fashion and dress from history to understanding concepts such as sartorial dressing. I recommend the following:

  • The Lost Art of Dress
  • Fashion History from the 18th to 20th Century
  • HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style (a great read if you are interested in understanding sartorial dressing)
  • Demographics and Fashion Trends: Medieval to Modern

Below are some of my favorite accounts that I follow:


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