Anouk Yve

Anouk Yve

Featuring Brand Innovator, Writer and Blogger, Anouk Yve.


"Right there I realized the industry as we knew it would totally change."

Anouk Yve is a chameleon in the fashion media industry known as a sought-after brand innovator, influencer marketing guru, writer, and blogger. Her life story has taken many twists and turns - from moving to different countries and starting new businesses to adapting to the ever-changing market trends and industry. And through it all, her riveting career has come out on top. Join us as we take a moment with Anouk and discover her journey.

Could you tell us about your career journey into fashion, blogging, writing, and marketing?

Growing up I knew I wanted to do something with fashion. First I wanted to become a seamstress, then a fashion designer, but my parents wanted me to do more of a commercial study, so I chose Marketing & Communications. I completed my degree fairly young and continued to do my masters but quit in the middle of it to work as a marketing manager for five bag brands in Holland. I was 23 and setting up my own marketing department where I was responsible for everything from PR, marketing, brand strategy to photoshoots, I learned a lot. It was 2007 when I started working with fashion bloggers. I would invite them to our wholesale shows, creating a buzz around collections so that all of our clients were writing orders like crazy. Right there I realized the industry as we knew it would totally change. I was embracing the hype around fashion bloggers quickly. After awhile, I quit my corporate job and moved to the UK with my partner. Although I didn’t want to leave my rich network in Holland behind so instead I founded my own company that would act as a bridge between the Netherlands and the UK; a fashion blog collective working exclusively with 10 credible bloggers from the Netherlands. I was probably the first influencer marketing agency in the Netherlands - of which we know so many now.

What inspired you to start your own blog? What is the meaning behind it?

In 2014, I started my own blog as we needed a replacement blogger after one left. I wanted to have an influencer that could represent more of a mature style. A blogger that 25-year-olds and older could identify themselves with. Suddenly I became an “influencer” myself but it was more about “filling a gap” than pursuing a true passion. I guess I grew into it and now there’s no way back.


Could you tell us more about your career in writing?

I love to write, it's always been a passion of mine. I wrote columns for Dutch fashion magazines such as Marie Claire. Although for now, I'm a full-time mother, my daughter is 20 months and my son is three years old. I simply don't have the energy nor the space in my head to write good stories. Although, I would love to write a book one day, my writing is quite opinionated. How social media has affected the new generation would be an interesting topic I’d potentially like to explore and write about.

We have seen some teasers on your social media to do with interior design and art. Are you doing anything in the space?

I must say interior design and art in particular are passions of mine that I'm discovering now. For six years, I lived abroad in furnished apartments due to the nature of my partner’s work as a soccer player. So interior design wasn't something could I bring in to practice. Although over the past two years, we have settled in a house in the Netherlands and now I am obsessed with everything interior- and art-related when decorating it. It's like I have to catch up on all those years without. We got a lovely surprise one day when the Dutch Magazine, Scandinavian Living, wanted to feature our home. Ever since, people have been asking me to design their homes. I am flattered but for now it’ll remain a passion as I am currently working towards launching my own hair care product for curly hair launching in 2019!

How would you describe your sense of style?

I’ve been living in California for six months but my home is in the Netherlands so I would say my style is definitely European with a Scandinavian and French flare. I like minimal styles with bold accessories. I’m drawn to an androgynous silhouette that doesn't have to be figure hugging all the way. I love to wear oversized sweaters for instance with straight denim for a comfortable look.

Can you tell us about where you are originally from and your upbringing? Was there anything or anyone that influenced your development into the fashion industry?

I'm originally from a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands. I was always different in terms of the clothing I wore compared to other kids. I really wanted to dress myself. I remember stealing a golden pyjama shirt from my mother to wear at a birthday party combined with black leggings and purple shoes. The host of the party turned to my father and said, "I always make sure my children are perfectly well dressed”, then looked at me with so much disregard but I couldn't care less. I thought I looked awesome and that feeling is still there.

What are your everyday sources of inspiration?

I like to be inspired by archival fashion, magazines from the early 2000’s and the 90's. I also like to watch a lot of classic films that motivate me to refresh my style with a new twist.

As a busy entrepreneur and mother, what are some notions that you live by?

Do everything with full passion. When I'm with my children, I'm 100% there for them. When I'm working, I'm going full force.

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