TyLynn Nguyen

TyLynn Nguyen

Featuring designer and creative entrepreneur, TyLynn Nguyen.


"[I] found [my] love of lingerie through talking with a professor about the importance of inner beauty and what it means to care and love for yourself."

TyLynn Nguyen was born in Columbia, South Carolina to a drill sergeant mother and a banker father. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors degree in textile marketing and design. There she found her love of lingerie through talking with a professor about the importance of inner beauty and what it means to care and love for yourself. TyLynn Nguyen is based in Los Angeles, CA where she resides with her family.


TyLynn Nguyen in Brochu Walker 


TyLynn Nguyen in Brochu Walker 

Your eponymous lingerie line is all about encouraging women to love themselves and their bodies. Can you think of any defining moments in your own life that helped you truly discover your own self love?

I went through a really hard time in college and felt isolated. I felt I was the only person who ever experienced this. I remember talking with my dad and him telling me “You’re great, you’re growing, and this is when you decide to focus on yourself. You move forward and you bloom.”

After working as a successful model for many years, what inspired you to break into the lingerie business?

I went to school for fashion design and it felt right to use my educational background eventually.


TyLynn Nguyen in Brochu Walker


What makes you feel most empowered as a woman?

My intuition

Can’t-live-without beauty product of the moment?

La Mer body lotion

Current song on repeat?

First and Only by Elevation Worship

We adore your effortlessly elegant style. What do you resonate with most about the Brochu Walker collection?

Its ease and beautiful fabrics. I could live in them!

How do you unwind after a long work day?

A glass of wine and a long bath including a facial

You and your husband have three beautiful children. What has motherhood taught you most about life and work?

That I can do anything I put my mind to! Literally have always dreamt of have 3 children so any time I feel stressed I start to give gratitude to God for all of my blessings.


TyLynn Nguyen in Brochu Walker

Do you have any tricks for balancing being a mom and a business owner?

A written planner. Sounds so old school but I feel at peace when I can see my full week in front of me.

You’ve been LA-based for some time. Can you share a few favorite spots to eat, drink and shop?

Eat — Norah

Drink — Malibu Soho House

Shop — French in Calabasas

Follow TyLynn’s journey at @tylynnnguyen.